Sega Rally

Sega Rally had a real time deformation engine that allowed the tracks to deform as the cars drove over them, the ruts deepening each lap effecting the cars handling. The trackside objects deformed and dismantled upon contact with the cars - so working on this project was a big mix of artwork and technical setup in Max and the game engine.

I was responsible for the Arctic levels in the console title and the Alpine and Lakeside tracks on the Arcade version. The arctic levels were fantasy levels based on the scenery and landscapes of Iceland.

The first stage of building a new level involved coming up with concepts and ideas for locations and scenery - this was done alongside the designers to make sure the level had a good balance of gameplay and visual impact at all points on the track.

To get these levels to their completed stage I had to oversee new asset creation from our outsource team or our modellers in house.

From there on I was responsible for creating the terrain mesh, terrain/track textures, any assets not already produced by the modellers, the horizon and sky graphics, the lighting, all object placement, particle effects, gameplay and technical aspects like collision walls and surface data, animations, breakable objects.

Each week there would be a presentation to the Art Director and Studio Director where feedback would be taken and acted upon the next week to improve the level


The following in game screen shots are from levels/tracks I was responsible for.