London 2012 Olympics

The following screen shots are from the Official London 2012 Olympics game on PS3, X360 and PC.

In my role as lead environment artist I was responsible in managing, guiding and delivering these 12 vibrant and realistic levels. Dividing my time between management tasks and hands on artwork my team and I delivered the levels on time to a high standard.

To make the task extra challenging the game was being worked on before most of the locations had even been built or erected or the branding decided upon. We had a few revisions where the architects where updating their plans as we were building the levels, but we also got to influence the actual Olympics as the Olympic commitee would use our game previews as a guide for the events.

The following images are a few snapshots of my involvement during the project. From jumping in to help with asset modelling, to art feedback and documentation and paint overs.